Hemp Movement

When we hear the word Hemp, we tend to think of Marijuana or maybe Cannabis. The term Cannabis includes both Hemp and Marijuana.  And yet it goes much deeper than that, which we will explore, later on.

When we hear the word ‘Cannabis,’ we are conditioned to think of Marijuana, getting high, packing a bong, wild parties, rolling a joint.

Rarely does the word ‘Cannabis’ cause a person to think of Industrial Hemp, where we can derive plastics, durable clothing, health products, and just about anything you can think of.

by ren : renagain original

Some people, usually those of the older generation, still want to stay away from ‘Cannabis’, not wanting to support such an evil plant.  They are possibly still blinded with reflection of the Refer Madness days.

* *

Reefer Madness ORIGINAL TRAILER – 1936


* *

Let’s face it, there has been much disinformation inserted over the years, purposely adding to the confusion of what the Hemp plant really is. Let alone, what it can do for us!

As I do my research for this site, I am finding myself tumbling down a botanical ‘Rabbit Hole’. Forever unveiling more wonderment for Hemp.

is the year to bring,
true understanding and appreciation
to the world of

* *

Follow along, as I aid in Clearing the Cannabis Confusion and help bring into light, the beauty and versatility, of this natural, God given plant, we call Hemp.

Become part of the solution

Along the way, I will be discovering a multitude of hemp products.

It is my intent for Hempren to:

  • bring awareness to the beneficial worlds of Industrial Hemp 
  • explore  the tens of thousands of Hemp uses
  • examine, discern utilize and share with everyone,
    only the highest quality Hemp based products

Become part of the solution!!

Thank you,

 …please enjoy my other blog
“Branching Out” – exploring my world and sharing my experience


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