About Ren

Hello there and WELCOME !

I value the versatility of Hemp.
My name is Ren.

I am the creator of Hempren.

I am part of the Hemp Revolution.
Bringing awareness and clarity
to the world of Hemp.

My focus is on
Industrial Hemp,
not Marijuana.


peace leaf
created by ren of renagain original

Hempren is a ‘branch‘ of
Branching Out,
where I explore my world
and share the experience.
is my
Hemp experience.

In doing my research for Hempren,
I discovered a flooded market in
Medical & Recreational ‘Marijuana’
misinformation and
Quite often, the term Hemp,
would refer (pun intended)  to Marijuana.

Being part of the Hemp Movement is fulfilling my life long passion and decade old dream ; To help a lot of people, in a HUGE way and to distribute high quality hemp health products to EVERYONE!

I blogged about it twice:

What AM I doing here?  


why I wanted to move to Colorado

Along the way, I will be discovering a multitude of hemp products.
It is my intention to examine, scrutinize, and utilize those products.
Bringing you the best hemp products on the market today.

Thank you for visiting,

 …please visit my other blog
“Branching Out” – exploring my world and sharing the experience


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