Hemp’s Crazy Life in America

Industrial Hemp is more versatile than grandma’s cooking. Okay, maybe that is a crazy analogy.  However, take a look at how crazy hemp has been treated in America.

Hemp? Don’t you mean Marijuana? I am speaking of Hemp. Marijuana is ‘cousin’ to Hemp. Both of the genus Cannabis.

Another cousin to the Hemp plant is Hops, also of the genus Cannabis. Hemp is under the Cannabacea family…. which will be saved for another day.


For the purpose of this site, I am focused on Hemp, which will only get you healthier and not high.

renagain original

Today, hemp products are legal in the United States, even though growing the plant is forbidden. Hemp products must be imported, mostly from Canada. Canada holds high standards for their hemp production.


Now there is much confusion between Hemp and Marijuana. The U.S. Government did not always treat hemp and marijuana the same. In the 1800’s, the term Marihuana (now Marijuana) was coined. That term was then used in the 1930’s, by the now known DEA, to refer (no pun intended) to ALL forms of cannabis.

There was a Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, which placed a tax on the sale of cannabis. There is more to that story, for another day.

Despite the Marihuana Tax Act, the US Army and the Department of Agriculture, produced a film in 1942, “Hemp For Victory” (might be found on YouTube). The film urged farmers to grow hemp for the purpose of World War II. Why? For the textiles, rope and other products which can be made from Hemp. Put more simply, to replace the imports that were cut off by the war.

Over 100,000 acre of hemp grew in the US during that time. Interestingly enough, all permits were canceled when World War II ended.

Prior to those changes, the first United States hemp law was enacted at Jamestown Colony, Virginia in 1619. That’s right! 400 years ago and it required farmers to grow hemp.

To take this a step further, some parts of America used hemp as legal tender. They could pay their taxes with it!

By the 1800’s, Kentucky was producing half of the United States Industrial Hemp.

Today, America is taking back their rights to grow this God given plant.

This posting is only a brief overview of Hemp’s crazy life in America. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

Thank you for reading,

Source: National Hemp Association

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