1st Hemp House in America

After 40 years of living in various homes, I have decided that my dream home will be built new and be air tight to the pollutants and contaminants of the world.

However, I did not consider that building an ‘air-tight’ home, to keep out pollutants can only do so much. Chances are, I would bring in furniture and other items that are full of chemicals and various contaminants, trapping the toxins within my ‘air-tight’ home.

It makes much more sense to build a home that can breathe.

Introducing, Hempcrete, A building material made from hemp, lime and water.

Using Hemp for building, is not new. Europe uses hempcrete from walls to roof insulation.

Hempcrete is derived from the stalk of the cannabis plant. Right now, it is illegal to grow Industrial Hemp in America.

photo credit Push House

The first hemp home in the U.S. was built in North Carolina in 2010. The 3400 sq ft home boasts many eco-friendly features.

  • The insulating quality of hemp has the extraordinary ability to capture pollutants over time
  • The material’s high thermal mass helps to keep the inside temperatures steady, rather than fluctuating.
  • Cost $133 per square foot to build
    • those costs will decrease dramatically as the U.S. resumes growing their own Industrial Hemp and stops importing it from the UK.
      • Reminder: it is illegal to grow Industrial Hemp in America
  • The Hemp home is:
    • fireproof
    • mold-proof
    • insect-proof
    • indoor air-quality
    • recyclable materials

The stucco-like exterior walls are of 12″ thick hempcrete.
Hempcrete actually pulls carbon and other pollutants/contaminants from the air. It then undergoes a natural petrification process, as air passes through the hempcrete, becoming stronger over time.

980x (1).jpg
photo credit Push House

Other benefits of a Hempcrete Home:

  • the average hempcrete home is expected to last 700 years
  • it takes just 12 weeks to grow enough Industrial Hemp, on 1.5 acres to build a 1500-square-foot house
  • America’s first Hemp Home reflected a 60% reduction in homeowners insurance
  • to build the shell of the North Carolina’s 3400-sq ft Hemp home took 2.5 weeks
980x (2).jpg
photo credit Push House

Thank you all for your support and helping to spread the word of this amazing God-given plant,





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