just a few changes

photo by ren

Dear Readers,

You know about my excitement of being a founding member to a leading company in Hemp based health products.

Many of you have been trying and benefiting from the products.  I have been enjoying your stories and thank you for taking time to  share with me 😀

The company is young, in pre-launch phase and plans to be around a long, long time.

In my efforts to #ProtectTheHouse, I elected to remove my posts about them.

Why, you ask?

We are a Hemp based company, which classifies us as a Cannabis company.

Cannabis is a controversial business and a controversial product to be introducing to the public.

We pride ourselves on being compliant with government regulations.

In my efforts to not say the wrong thing, I have chosen to say nothing.

no speak 100_1968.JPG

In time, I will be bringing them back into my blog. But for right now…..

Those of you who have been buying products, wanting more information, or just simply curious, you should send me a message through Hempren’s Contact Page.

Thank you for your support,



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