Hemp History 15% Sale + FREE Shipping {new link for ‘shopping’} ends SOONly



I put the wrong ‘link out’ in my prior Sales post,
forcing you to JOIN before looking at our product.
Even though, it is FREE to join….
Excuse my error please.
The link below will allow you to shop our products.

Only a few hours left.

Sale ends midnight PST tonight June 11, 2017

Would you be so kind to step inside and look around?
Read more about each product.
See the already-discounted price at each item.
No hidden costs or fees!
No shipping costs!

I do want to suggest that you try the NanoDrops.
(makes more sense then buying bottles of water and it is cheaper)

Just over $15 for 44 enhanced beverages of your choice. Just give a quick squeeze of NanoDrops, directly into your drink. You have now #Nanofied your drink with phytocannabinoids.  Something your body has been craving since birth.

Please, check out this new link and visit Club8’s products!

Thank you,


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