What AM I doing here? (my 1st post)

My story begins in Michigan, around 2008, when I became passionate about the amazing health benefits of Cannabis.  It was around this time, that I discovered Rick Simpson’s documentary, Run from the Cure. This is where the term Simpson Oil developed, for the Hemp Oil.



Also, 2008 was the year Michigan, entered the Nation’s ever growing number of states, to recognize and legalize, Medicinal Marijuana. That did not mean that the state was ‘pot-friendly’.

Not at all!

That did not deter my heart, from what I knew I wanted to do.

I had a vision, a DREAM of helping others live a more healthy, enjoyable life, the natural way, with my cannabis products.

The trouble I was having, was with the THC  (TetraHydroCannabinol) the psychoactive cannabinoid in that plant. I wanted my health products to be free of THC. I had no idea of how I would do that and oddly enough, it did not matter. This was my passion! I would find a way when the time came.

source Pixabay

My plan was, to aid in my ability of having quality products, I would need quality crops. I felt I needed to grow my own Cannabis plants. I knew I could NOT easily do that, living in Michigan.
I needed to move.

100_2712go west.jpg
photo by ren

I wanted to move!

My heart was yearning to move!

I felt I must move to Colorado. That’s where things were happening, at the time.

source unknown

And time went by.
Years rolled over.
Life was lived.
And I yearned to follow my passion, fulfill my DREAMS.
And like so many DREAMS, this one was taking a back burner to LIFE.

I lost my desire to move to Colorado. I still had a yearning to move. I just did not know where to move to! I felt quite lost. And I still had my DREAMS, nearly ten years later.

I was getting close to that day, when so many of us sit back and think of the DREAMS that we never lived. We believe we are now too old, too tired, too sick, too set in our ways to be bothered with the nonsense of DREAMS. And life goes on…..

I could not be one of them!

The passion to pursue my DREAMS started to boil within me, once again.  My heart was aching to move. In 2015, I started reducing my belongings, so moving would be easier. I told more people of my plans to move, in pursuit of my DREAMS.  I did not know how or where I was going to move to. It did not matter. I would figure it out when that time came.

My move began in the spring of 2016, which took me on an unexpected life-awakening jaunt, before I ever left Michigan. In March, I had moved from northern Michigan down to a community called Saugatuck.
Let the adventures begin! (read here about my encounter with EHS)

By November 2016, my adult son and I were crossing Michigan’s state line and heading west for Colorado Springs, Colorado. How we were going to get there, we did not know. We figured it out along the way.

After weeks on the road, living in the truck, rarely a shower and not always having food, exactly one month from the date we left, we landed in southern California, in early December. This is where I was suppose to move to.

And my DREAM is coming to LIFE!!!

Since being here in southern California, I became a founding member to a company of high quality Hemp health products. And they are THC Free!!!  I am introducing them to you now, through Hempren.

As time goes on, I will be introducing and reviewing more wonderful Hemp products

So, here is my first post.

Thank you,



  1. Odd and even days and write ahead – sounds like a plan to me. I write a weekly blog post on Lakeland Musings, one on Retirement-online.com, post a quip on Facebook every day, write a monthly column for our community newsletter. If that isn’t enough, I was recently asked to provide a guest blog about retirement on yet another site. I guess that’s what keeps us young. Will be following your blog to see how your latest adventure turns out.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. No, most days we do not feel our age. Only if we sit too long in one spot, like watching TV or something.
    Thanks for your comments about my writing. I’d love to find one specific topic to write about but I tend to bounce all over the place.
    My concern with that is that I may never get a true following so to speak. But, then on the other hand, I am writing what I want to write about, not necessarily what I think people want to see and read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Being only a year old @ blogworld,, my “experience” (which is what I blog about at Branching Out) is … to write from the heart 🙂 And that is what you concluded with. So…. you ‘innately’ do know what to write about. 🙂

      I gave up TV 7 years ago. Best thing I could have ever done for ME.

      And since ‘living outside the box’ for at least 5 years, may I suggest….. You will find that one specific topic to write about and it is ok to still bounce around. THAT is who you are. THAT is what readers LOVE. Transparency!


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